An Ode To Freedom

I invited him in

I gave him a home 

But he just could NOT

Leave the others alone.

I chose him to love

To provide domestic bliss

While he added admirers

To a really long list

I was no longer special,

Like he once had said. 

He sent them the words 

He used in MY bed. 

I invested in his passion,

Helped him reach goals. 

He devalued my efforts

And Devoured my soul.

I saw anger & rage

When I found him out. 

No accountability 

Just hurt followed by doubt.

I was warned of his ways,

And Ignored the red flags 

I can’t even count the times

I demanded packed bags

I was a ghost in his life,

Just there to be used

Then he’d flaunt my jealousy

His groupies, amused. 

Charm and charisma

He showed to the world 

But contempt and disgust

Dished out to his girl.

I walked out the door,

Because here’s the deal….

The man that I loved

Wasn’t even real. 

-Callie Dee

Published by The Smitten Kitten with Callie Dee

The Smitten Kitten with Callie Dee is a blog and podcast about Love, Dating, Sex, Relationships and the Human Experience. Stay tuned for upcoming special guests on Facebook Live and Twitch.

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