Fused at the Wound

📸 by Drewlio Photo

Fused at the Wound
By Rick Belden

fused at the wound
is it love or is it addiction why not both
she knows tears + I know anger
together we almost made a whole person for a while fused at the wound.
but our little house of lies isn’t big enough to hold us now she won’t stand up for herself + I can’t stand up
for both of us at the same time anymore
so we ride the broken lover’s seesaw of staying + leaving
one foot in + one foot out
we dance in the kitchen like unloved children + wait
for fulfillment of old pain’s expectations.
so anxious to leave so anxious to be left so anxious to be right so anxious to be hurt so anxious to be disappointed
so anxious to be alone again.
when this whole thing started
I wanted us to be immersed in each other
I wanted us to fix each other
I thought that was what people were supposed to do
I don’t want that anymore I don’t need that anymore
but I still don’t know
how to love someone I don’t want to fix.

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