Thoughts of Me Will Rise With the Sun

He sent me a picture of the sun set. He knows I enjoy watching the sun rise and sun set, and as he witnessed the day turn to dusk and surrender into the night, he sent me something I loved to let me know I was on his mind.  I smiled, and then I realizedContinue reading “Thoughts of Me Will Rise With the Sun”

The Key to My Happiness

They didn’t want “one of the guys” as a significant other. They wanted a woman in touch with her feminine energy. So I studied what it meant to be a woman in her feminine, practiced staying in my feminine energy, and allowed the men in my life to take the role of the masculine.

Wounds Will Heal, But You’ll Never Be Over It

Then she said something that inspired me to write this blog post: “You’re going to heal but never be over it. It hurts when we trust people and they violate it. I hope you never get immune to the feeling because it’s what makes you such an advocate.”

Love: What Are You So Afraid Of?

The dreaded L word. In today’s society it is common to guard our heart. Men “don’t want a relationship” and women take pride in NOT catching feelings. We don’t date to marry and in FACT, we don’t “date”. We hook up, but only long enough to get our fill. Then the minute someone catches feelingsContinue reading “Love: What Are You So Afraid Of?”

Letter To the Next Target

A Letter to the Next Target: In nearly every toxic relationship, there is another partner: the replacement. At first, this person is the main source of contention and hatred in your recovery journey. They are presumed to be the home-wrecker. They ran off happily with your soul mate, flaunting themselves all over Facebook for theContinue reading “Letter To the Next Target”


I’m a driven individual who is career and children oriented with goals and ambitions that don’t wait for the perfect moment, but instead, create it. Relationships have not ranked high on the list of must haves. However, I seem to land into some “situationships” more often than not with highly motivated, driven men who are career and child(ren) oriented, too. After some time I seem to develop emotions and they develop an escape plan. It’s never a BAD disconnect, but it hurts a helpless romantic all the same. They’d always hold me in high regard and would tend to continue as friends with no hard feelings, yet….I couldn’t put my finger on WHY it would end the same every time. I’m a catch, right? They’d pursue ME first and want exclusivity first and then once they had my trust and love it was game over.

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